About Dr. Perry

My approach involves applying the principles of perfect proportions (phi) to help you achieve your aesthetic and reconstructive goals. Equally important is keeping you looking natural and encouraging a healthy body weight. I strongly believe that the human body comes in many different shapes and sizes and these can all be beautiful.

As a female plastic surgeon, my goals are to help you achieve your functional and aesthetic goals while ensuring your safety, health and well being. I provide my patients with a personalized approach and am always easily accessible to them.


– Perry Gdalevitch, MD, FRCSC, MSc, FACS



Medical School : McGill University, pre-med program

Residency: University of Texas at Southwestern Medical School and University of Montreal

Fellowships: Breast and Microsurgery (University of Ottawa),Breast reconstruction (University of British Columbia)

Masters: Masters of Science in Surgery, University of British Columbia


Research Interests

Treatments for capsular contracture

Novel breast reconstruction techniques

Mastectomy flap necrosis prevention



Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Canada

College des médecins du Quebec

Canadian Society of Plastic Surgeons

Association médical du Quebec

Association des spécialistes en chirurgie plastique et esthétique du Québec

British Columbia Medical Association



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Curriculum vitae (download Dr. Perry?s CV)