Patient Reviews

Rated 5 out of 5 stars on, here are just some of the things that people have said about their experience with Phi Plastic Surgery and Dr. Perry.

“Dr. Gdalevitch did my prophylactic breast reconstruction. I remember waiting on the morning of my surgery sort of in a daze with all these nurses coming to poke and prod me. When I saw Dr. Gdalevich with her pink ribbon surgical cloth on her head, a huge smile came across my face. She’d make it all better. And she did.”

“Dr Perry Gdalevitch did my DIEP flap breast reconstruction and I felt confident in her hands. She is a wonderful doctor and person. I would definitely recommend her.”

“Dr. Perry Gdalevitch did an awesome job of my breast reduction. She was extremely professional throughout the process and her bedside manner was lovely.”

“I felt confident in her ability right from the moment I met her. I honestly couldn?t be happier with the results. Thanks Dr. Perry.”

“Dr. Gdalevitch was personable and made the whole process comfortable. I am extremely happy with my breast reduction and should’ve had it years earlier.”

“Dr. Gdalevitch is the top doctor and surgeon! She is the best and a wonderful person. She truly cares about you throughout the whole process from consultation to post surgery.”

“I had been looking for a great female surgeon to do my breast reduction and I am so grateful for Dr. Gdalevitch. She is full of knowledge and talent. And she’s got the best bedside manner I’ve ever seen.”

“Wow she is amazing! She is a perfectionist with superb work on my breast reduction. She’s so smart and nice too! Very knowledgeable and caring to make it a less scary experience for my very first surgery ever! Thank you!”

“Dr. Perry is an amazing doctor, she did my breast reduction surgery. Not only is her work as a plastic surgeon cutting edge and very well executed, but her bed side manner is the best I have ever experienced. She was accessible, on-time, caring, and intelligent; I would highly recommend her as a doctor.”

“I am completely satisfied with my breast reduction. She was very nice and answered all my questions both before and after my surgery. I have already recommended to two of my friends that have the same problem I did.”

“I am happy to say my breasts look fabulous and she is an amazing Doctor. I read the other comments before I went for surgery and made my choice so I need to leave mine and say she was the best choice for me.”

“My reduction is better than I could have thought possible. I found her to be very focussed, thoughtful and direct. She quickly and thoughtfully responded to my emails and really seemed to care how I was doing post-surgery. She also has a nice sense of humor. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.”

“Dr. Gdalevitch did my breast reconstruction and a reduction and lift on my right breast at the same as I had a mastectomy on my left breast. I am more than happy with the results.”

“She is very professional as well as down to earth and I felt extremely comfortable with her. She is a young doctor, up to date on all of the new techniques. I would highly recommend her.”

“Dr. Gdalevitch did my reconstructive breast surgery and I am still very impressed with the results. They look amazing. I am so happy about my results with Dr. Gdalevitch, I am hoping to get more from her in the near future.”

“Gentle, told me exactly what she would do, showed me in a mirror and took pictures during the procedure and emailed them, all for squamous cell carcinoma on my lower lip. You would not know that there was an operation. Invisible!”

“I’ve had surgery all my life and it was the first time (ever) that a surgeon set out to give me not just what I needed, but what I wanted as well. Even in my recovery stage I cried at witnessing what this doctor has accomplished for me.”

“There is nothing pretentious about Dr. Gdalevitch or her profession. Anyone who has the honor of having her as their surgeon will be astonished with her talents. I highly recommend her services and care facilities.”

“In my opinion Dr. Gdalevitch is an excellent surgeon. She understood my needs and concerns with patience and communicated all aspects of my surgery in thorough detail. I wouldn’t think twice to have her perform any future surgeries.”

“I would very much recommend this highly skilled surgeon for any breast reconstruction procedure, or any other surgery that someone may require.”

“She is one of the most professional yet personable doctors I have ever encountered through my breast reconstruction surgeries and her after-care towards her patients is something to be recognized.”

“I am extremely happy with my encounters with Dr. Gdalevitch and would recommend her in a heartbeat.”