Breast augmentation using fat grafting

What is breast augmentation using fat?

This is a newer technique that can extract excess fat using liposuction and re-inject it into the breasts to increase the volume/size.

Am I a good candidate for breast augmentation using fat?

If you have excess fat on other parts of your body (abdomen, thighs, flanks), and want a small breast augmentation with a very natural appearance, you are a good candidate for breast augmentation using fat.

How can I choose between breast augmentation using fat and breast implant?

A consultation with your plastic surgeon will help you decide which is the best surgery for you. In general, if you want an increase of more than 1- 2 cup sizes, I will guide you towards an implant. However, if you have fat that you want to get rid off in sufficient quantities and deflated breasts and you do not like the idea of ??an implant, I will guide you more towards breast augmentation using fat.

How big of an augmentation can I expect if I am using my own fat?

The average increase is 1-2 cup sizes.