Surgery after weight loss

What surgeries are covered by the RAMQ after weight loss following bariatric surgery?

The RAMQ only covers a small portion of post-bariatric surgeries. Indeed, surgeries that are covered are considered for functional reasons only. For example, abdominal lipectomy is often covered, but this is not the same as a tummy tuck. Lipectomy allows the surgeon to remove only the skin that is overhanging (apron). This surgery does not correct excess skin vertically (fleur-de-lys) nor the rectus diastasis between the abdominal muscles. Surgery of the arms and thighs is occasionally covered if the RAMQ determines that there is a functional problem.

What surgeries are not covered?

Abdominoplasty, Fleur de lys tummy tuck, circumferential body lift, brachioplasty, thigh lift, mastopexy (breast lift), breast augmentation, face and neck lift.

Can surgeries be combined?

Yes, but not all. Often, we can combine 2 to 3 surgeries together. For example, brachioplasty and breast lift, abdominoplasty and posterior body lift, or tummy tuck and breast lift.

How much time do I need between surgeries?

A minimum of three months is recommended to allow healing and give your body time to recover.