Get to know everything about Brazilian butt lift and its recovery process with Phi Plastic Surgery

Brazilian butt lift is one of the commonly performed surgical procedures that help women to get an attractive hourglass-like shape that is desired by the most. We, Phi Plastic Surgery provide the best Plastic Surgery in Montreal with several experienced and skillful cosmetic surgeons. With our services, the clients are able to get their dream-like body and facial structure for both and cosmetic and medical purposes. Our agency and medical team handle each case with the utmost professionalism and care to make sure the patients get no side effects after completion of the process.

What is a Brazilian butt lift (BBL)?

It is a surgical process that helps to graft subcutaneous fat from different parts of the body into the buttocks through liposuction. It does not involve any implants instead utilizes the fat from the belly, thighs, and lower body to re-inject it and provide customers their desired shape of the butt. We offer the best Best Plastic Surgeon in Montreal who has honed their skills in Liposuction.

How much time does it require to recover from a BBL surgery?

Since it?s an intriguing process that involves the major portion of the lower body, there are multiple aspects of the recovery process to keep in mind. Such as,

Initial Recovery

Immediately after the surgery, the patients can feel a little bruising and swelling in the hip and buttocks. Even the occurrence of pain is quite normal that is why patients should be under strict medication. The patients will be able to walk after 1-2 days of the surgery and it is common to witness drainage of fluids from the surgical sites which Post-surgical massages can heal.

Compression garment

A Compression garment is provided after the surgery to help the patient get used to the weight of their butt while the garment maintains the butt?s attractive shape and contour. The patients are supposed to wear this garment for at least eight weeks for proper healing treatment. Our Cosmetic Clinic in Montreal offers the best medical garments which are comfy and highly effective.

How to sit then?

One of the most important tips in the post-surgery phase is to avoid sitting completely for at least eight weeks. Sitting directly on the buttocks can affect blood circulation and hampers the healing process. That is why patients are strictly instructed to sleep on their stomachs for the next few months. Even if the patient has no other option than to sit during the phase, she has to use a special BBL Pillow collected from the medical clinic.

No physical activities?

Since the surgery takes place in a high movement area, the patients are strictly asked to avoid any kind of physical activities whether it is working out or even to the office. The first month should be regardless of any activities that can create a reason for the blood clot.

Final Result

The final results of BBL can be noticed after 4-6 months of the surgery that stays more than 10 years. Visit to know more.