How Long Do the Results of a Fat Transfer Last?

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Although synthetic fillers and treatments can produce fantastic, realistic-looking results, many of our clients prefer a more natural approach to their beauty regime. One of the best natural options we offer at Phi Surgery is fat grafting, also known as fat transfer.

By using your fat to augment your breasts or other areas, you can add symmetry to and contour multiple areas of your body for a subtle, natural change to your appearance. However, many clients wonder how long the fat transfer results last compared to synthetic options like fillers or silicone.

What Is a Fat Transfer?

In a fat transfer procedure , a board-certified plastic surgeon performs liposuction on an area of your body and saves the fat. They then inject the fat into the area you wish to augment. At Phi Surgery , we recommend this procedure for breast augmentation.

The process involves tiny incisions, which, after healing, are often not visible. Most patients need to take pain medicine for two days after the procedure and a further two weeks for the incisions to heal. Within two months, the fat will settle, allowing you to enjoy your new look.

Who Can Benefit from a Fat Transfer?

Many women can benefit from a fat transfer, particularly those who wish to enlarge their breasts. Women can use this procedure to increase their breasts by a cup size or enhance other body areas, such as your buttocks. Because the transferred fat doesn?t have a blood supply , plastic surgeons can only use a small amount of fat. If too much fat is transferred, the breast tissue may reabsorb it, limiting the success of the procedure.

However, not everyone is a candidate for this procedure. The ideal candidates:

  • Don?t smoke
  • Have extra subcutaneous fat on their body
  • Have no serious medical issues

Dr. Perry recommends against patients with certain attributes undergoing a fat transfer:

  • Smokers
  • Underweight patients
  • Those who want to increase their breast size by more than one cup size

To determine whether you?re a candidate, Dr. Perry can examine you in a consultation.

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How Long Does It Last?

Many patients interested in this procedure want to know how long a fat transfer will last. Although the results vary from patient to patient, your breast augmentation could last for years.

However, you can increase the time it lasts by following a few tips.

Follow Dr. Perry?s Guidelines

Dr. Perry will give you a list of pre and post-op guidelines. The more strictly you follow her list, the more successful the transfer will be.

Maintain the Same Weight

Trying to gain weight before your procedure could affect the quality of the fat cells your surgeon can retrieve. Likewise, one of the best ways to keep your augmentation looking fantastic for as long as possible is by avoiding fluctuations in your weight. If you have plans to lose weight or get pregnant in the future, you may want to wait to schedule a procedure.

Avoid Pressure on the Area

Excessive pressure on the augmented area during the healing process could cause complications. Try to avoid sleeping on your front or wearing tight bras or shirts until the fat has settled.

Avoid Smoking

Smoking can cause a rise in complications after any plastic surgery procedure, particularly those involving lifts or augmentations. If you would like to undergo a fat transfer and you smoke, consider quitting before scheduling the procedure.

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Fat Transfer or Synthetic Option?

At Phi Surgery, we offer various options for women and men wishing to augment parts of their bodies. We recommend a fat transfer for those searching for a natural alternative, particularly if they also want to remove excess fat from a particular area. 

However, because only a small amount of fat can be transferred, some patients may wish to consider alternative options. We offer silicone implants, which can increase cup size by significantly more than a fat transfer. 

If you?re unsure which option is best for you, ask Dr. Perry. After reviewing your medical history and learning about your goals, she can recommend a procedure.

Schedule a Consultation with Phi Surgery

If you want to learn more about how you can benefit from a fat transfer service, call us today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Perry at Phi Surgery. We believe that everyone?s external appearance should match their beautiful inside. Whether that?s through a natural fat transfer, a rhinoplasty operation, or a Botox application, we can help.