How to Ensure a Natural-Looking Nose Job

If you feel self-conscious about your nose after a hit to the face or have always felt that your nose didn?t match your internal image, you might want to consider rhinoplasty, a.k.a. a nose job. However, you want to ensure natural-looking results that reflect the proportions of your face.

The best way to do so is through careful conversation with your facial plastic surgeon. You should be clear with your wants, likes, and dislikes before and after the procedure. If you?re considering rhinoplasty, follow these steps to ensure you get a natural-looking nose after your plastic surgery.

Initial Consultation

The first step before any cosmetic surgery procedure is an initial consultation. After giving you a thorough medical examination to check that you?re fit for the surgery, Dr. Gdalevitch will sit down with you and ask what your ideal nose would look like, what you dislike about your nose, and any specific changes you?d like to make. 

The more specific you are, the more Phi Surgery can help you by creating a natural-looking nose. Whether you think your nostrils are too wide or you have a crooked nose , let the doctor know precisely what you want to change.

Photos can be helpful. To prepare for your initial appointment, print off several pictures of noses you like and clearly explain what you prefer about each one. After examining your facial structure, Dr. Gdalevtich can use your answers and photos to create a digital representation of what your new nose will look like. 

You can also use this initial consultation to learn everything you need to know about the rhinoplasty procedure . Rhinoplasty is a real surgical procedure and it?s important that you are aware of all the possible side-effects, recovery time, and any preparations you need to make. 

Once you and Dr. Gdalevitch have agreed on your ideal nose shape and which changes will be made, she will schedule a date at least a month in the future for your facial plastic surgery.

Before Your Surgery

A month before your surgery, you will need to stop taking any hormone-based medication, including birth control. The doctor will order several blood tests and ECGs to ensure the surgery doesn?t face potential complications. You may need to refrain from taking medications that can thin the blood, like warfarin, aspirin, or ibuprofen , for two weeks before your rhinoplasty surgery. 

It can also help to quit smoking. At a minimum, you should refrain from smoking for two weeks before and two weeks after your surgery. 

Due to the lasting effects of the anesthesia, you?ll also require someone to pick you up after your surgery and stay with you for 24 hours afterward. Plan for this ahead of time so you can relax before your surgery.

Lastly, read through these frequently asked questions about the rhinoplasty procedure several weeks before your surgery date. If you have more questions or would like clarification about something, don?t hesitate to reach out to Dr. Gdalevitch. You can help ensure a natural-looking nose job by ensuring you understand precisely what will happen in the procedure and what the recovery process is like.  

The Surgery and Post-Op Care

Follow all your pre-op care instructions carefully. Rhinoplasty is typically performed under general anesthesia, so you will need to refrain from eating for several hours before your surgery. 

After your operation, travel home with a loved one who can help you recover. Follow your post-op instructions. Your recovery period will be critical to ensuring your nose job is natural-looking. 

For about a week, you?ll need to rest at home. Avoid strenuous activity, like exercising. Try to keep your head elevated and sleep on a high, firm pillow on your back only. Don?t be surprised if your face and nose are black and blue. It can take up to a year for your appearance to reflect the surgery and you?ll have bruising for a week or more. 

Be sure to also wear your nose splint for the first week since it helps set your nose and facilitate healing. 

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