Breast congenital deformities

Some women are born with breast deformities. These range from mild such as one breast being larger than the other to severe like in the case of Poland’s syndrome (absence of breast and pectoralis major muscle). Correction of most of these deformities will be covered by the RAMQ after requesting a special authorization.


Breast asymmetry

One breast is much larger than the other. If the difference is approximately 1 cup size, the correction will usually be covered by the RAMQ. Options for improving the symmetry are to reduce the larger breast (see breast reduction) or to increase the size of the smaller breast (see breast augmentation).


Tubular breast

This results in a breast that is shaped like a tube. Often the breast is large enough that a breast reduction can also correct the shape of the breast. If the breast is not large, a breast lift can be used to reshape the breast.


Tuberous breast

This is a congenital deformity that constricts the breast and causes herniation of the nipple areolar complex. It can be mild or severe and treatment depends on many factors. Correction often involves reduction of the areolar complex using breast lift technique as well as breast augmentation techniques.


Poland’s syndrome

A syndrome that includes an absence of breast (+/- nipple-areolar complex), pectoralis major muscle, axillary hair and other structures of the chest wall. Reconstruction resembles that of breast cancer patients (see breast reconstruction).


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