Fat Grafting Breast Reconstruction

Fat grafting breast reconstruction…what it is and who it’s good for

After breast reconstruction or during a 2nd surgery for reconstruction, fat grafting can be performed to improve the look and feel of the reconstruction. This procedure is covered by RAMQ.

Fat is taken using liposuction from areas of the patient?s choosing such as abdomen, thighs, flanks (love handles) and re-injected around the breast implant or into the flap to improve contour and softness. The incisions are tiny and are usually invisible after the healing is complete.

Fat grafting breast reconstruction, Phi Plastic surgery, photo needle thigh Fat grafting breast reconstruction, Phi Plastic Surgery, photo 2 breast needle

Fat grafting breast reconstruction is especially useful in patients who have had radiation and can soften the effects of radiation. It can also be used as the sole method of reconstruction for patients who have had a partial mastectomy (lumpectomy).

Recovery from fat grafting breast reconstruction consists of two days of pain requiring medication, two weeks for the skin to heal, two months for the fat to settle. Time off work is approximately 1 week unless combined with another procedure.


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