Immediate breast reconstruction

Immediate breast reconstruction happens following mastectomy in the same surgery. The main advantage of immediate breast reconstruction is preservation of the native breast skin (skin sparing mastectomy) and sometimes even the nipple-areola complex (nipple sparing mastectomy).

The other advantage of immediate breast reconstruction is that patients can wake up from their surgery with a reconstructed breast (or beginnings of a breast). Psychologically, patients take comfort in knowing that they will not have to live without a breast.

Immediate breast reconstruction is considered the gold standard today as studies have shown that it is safe and can result in a more aesthetic final result due to sparing of the skin and more conspicuous placement of scars. Immediate breast reconstruction is covered by the RAMQ.

Immediate breast reconstruction is performed using implants (in either 1 or 2 surgeries), or using your own tissues.

Skin sparing mastectomy

In patients where the cancer is close to the nipple or the cancer is aggressive, the nipple must be taken out to prevent recurrence of the cancer. However, the skin of the breast (including the areolar skin) can be saved in order to allow for an immediate reconstruction to be performed. Nipple reconstruction can be performed at a later date to replace the missing nipple.

Nipple sparing mastectomy

For patients who are having their breast removed prophylactically (no cancer) or for cancer that is very early and far from the nipple, the nipple can be saved to allow for a more aesthetic and natural immediate reconstruction.

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