Post-operative : Liposuction

When you get home

 You can expect to have some pain in the chest areas. It is normal for the incisions to leak a reddish fluid (like cranberry juice) for 48 hours and this may stain your bed sheets.

To help you rest comfortably, follow these instructions:

  1. Take extra-strength tylenol every 4 hours
  2. Take an anti-nausea medication such as Gravol 30 minutes before taking your prescribed pain medication
  3. Take your pain medication as prescribed
  4. Take your antibiotics as prescribed
  5. Wear your post operative garment

Contact us immediately if you experience any of the following

  • Pain that is not controlled by the pain medication
  • A fever of greater than 38.5
  • Redness that is rapidly spreading
  • Severe nausea or vomiting
  • Hallucinations or incoherent behavior
  • Pain or swelling of one calf
  • Difficulty breathing

The first day following surgery

  • Your pain will start to dissipate after 48 hours
  • Avoid staying in bed all day
  • Avoid strenuous activities
  • You can shower after 48 hours, do not sit in a bath or pool

Follow up and healing time

  • Your liposuction surgery will not be fully healed for 4-6 weeks
  • You need to wear your garment 24/7 for 1 month
  • Exercise is not recommended for 4 weeks after surgery
  • You should be resting for at least 1 week after surgery and gradually regain daily activities after
  • You will have an appointment to see Gdalevitch 1-2 weeks after surgery, then at 1 month and at 2 months.