Things you should do and don’t pre and post breast augmentation surgery

Breast augmentation has become quite among women of all ages across the world. The technology to do so has advanced quite a lot providing absolute safety and satisfaction to the patients. If you have made up your mind to do breast augmentation surgery, come to Phi Surgery, CA, the best breast surgery specialist in Montreal. Here are the things you should do and don?t before and after the surgery for best results.

Do?s before the surgery

  • Select the best surgeon for your surgery. Choosing the right doctor for your plastic surgery is the most important. You must go for the best breast surgeon in Montreal who is skilled, experienced, board-certified, and has plenty positive reviews.
  • Consult before the surgery. Have a consultation with your doctor before getting breast augmentation in Montreal. That way you can be aware of the options available for you.
  • Get up early on the day of the surgery so that you have enough time to prepare yourself.
  • Eat healthy foods. It is better to eat healthy food before so that your body is well and ready for the surgery.

Don?ts before the surgery

  • Don?t get your surgery at an unauthorized place. Many don?t put much effort to select their surgeon or go for a cheap alternative. It can lead to a health hazard and even cause death in some cases.
  • Don?t wear makeup and jewelry. Before the surgery starts, you will be asked to remove all kinds of jewelry and makeup. So it is wise to not waste your time and go to the clinic without them.
  • Don?t take any stress. Stress can increase your BP and heartbeat.

Do?s after the surgery

  • Get plenty of rest. After you are done with the surgery you need to take a lot of rest to recover from your wounds. Take care of the implants to prevent any mishap.
  • Take your medication regularly. Taking medication after the surgery will help you recover faster. It will also prevent any kind of infection.
  • Follow your doctor?s advice. Your doctor will give you specific instructions for you to follow post-surgery. You must follow them religiously to you get the best results.

Don?ts after the surgery

  • Don?t lay on your stomach. It is recommended to not lie on your stomach post-surgery. It can delay the healing process and cause you more pain. Your doctor will advise you about the right way to sleep.
  • Don?t do any heavy lifting. Do not lift heavy things during the first few weeks of your recovery. It will put stress o the implants and can open up wounds.
  • Don?t go swimming. If you go swimming after the surgery, you might get a bacterial infection on your surgical wound. It can cause further damage to the implants.
  • Don?t smoke cigarettes. It is a well-known fact that tobacco consumption delays the healing process of any kind of wound. So, avoid smoking after the surgery.