Electrolysis for hair removal is one of the safest, most effective hair removal methods available. With a proven track record of consistent and permanent results, both men and women use this treatment to remove unwanted or embarrassing hair. Facial hair is one of the most common areas that we perform electrolysis on, including complex areas such as the chin and upper lip. Electrolysis is safe to be performed on areas that have already undergone hair removal treatments, making it a prevalent treatment for patients who have lingering thin pale hair after laser or IPL treatments. It can also be a good option for patients experiencing hair growth due to hormonal changes and imbalances. With smooth and desirable results, you can feel confident knowing there’s a solution for your unwanted hair.

    How it works

    Electrolysis hair removal uses a filament that is inserted in the hair follicle to send a small electrical current directly to the hair’s root. It works wonders for thick, grey, blonde, and light hairs or hairs that have been unresponsive to laser and IPL treatments. Completion time varies among patients depending on the thickness of hair and hair removal methods used in the past. Permanency is achieved through a series of regular sessions, as consistent and timely treatments are important to target hair during different cycles of its growth.

    Treatment areas

    • Eyebrows
    • Upper lip
    • Chin/neck
    • Hairline
    • Cheeks
    • Bikini area
    • Arms
    • Legs

    At Phi Plastic Surgery Clinic, we offer effective non-invasive solutions for all your beauty needs.

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    Your results

    Thinning and hair reduction can be seen after just one session of electrolysis. Hair grows in cycles, which are slightly different depending on the area of the body. Electrolysis will take at least three months to treat each hair in one cycle once. It can, therefore, take a year or more to obtain total clearance of the hair. Once treatment is complete, patients have a smooth skin appearance with no hair growth. This can provide a new sense of confidence and comfort.

    How much does the procedure cost?


    1.25$ / minute with a minimum of 15$

    For a more beautiful and proportional you!

    φ Phi is the Greek symbol that indicates the golden ratio, a ratio that is synonymous with beauty.

    Dr. Perry Gdalevitch offers a unique approach that involves applying the principles of perfect proportions (phi) to help you achieve your aesthetic and reconstructive goals.

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