Microneedling is a minimally invasive, non-surgical procedure for facial rejuvenation that involves using a micro-needling device to create small, controlled perforations. This helps restore the skin’s radiance and firmness while targeting some of your most unwanted aging concerns. At Phi Plastic Surgery, microneedling can be combined with PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), which is also known as the Vampire Facial. This incredible combination can reduce acne scars and high levels of sun damage among many other vital benefits.

    How it works

    Numbing cream is first applied to ensure a comfortable painless treatment. Once the skin is fully numb, serum is applied to allow the treatment device to slide over the skin. The device’s fine needles will create micro-wounds all over the treatment area. The micro-wounds trigger a controlled inflammatory response, stimulates the natural collagen of the skin and encourages the skin to repair itself from the inside out.


    • Fine Lines & Wrinkles
    • Scarring & Acne Scarring
    • Hyperpigmentation
    • Rosacea, & Sun damage
    • Large Pores
    • Uneven Skin Tone
    • Skin texture

    At Phi Plastic Surgery Clinic, we offer effective non-invasive solutions for all your beauty needs.

    Start your journey toward a more beautiful and proportional you!

    Your results

    Patients may leave the clinic red with the sensation of having a large sun burn. You will start to see a smoother, firmer, and more radiant skin appearance after 2 weeks. A feeling of tightness and flaking in certain regions of the face is quite normal. The number of treatments needed varies from each individual and the results last for as long as the skin is maintained with regular skin care treatments and a consistent skin care routine at home. It is important to avoid all sun exposure for at least 2 weeks after the treatment and to always apply minimum 40 SPF sunblock on treated areas.

    How much does the procedure cost?



    For a more beautiful and proportional you!

    φ Phi is the Greek symbol that indicates the golden ratio, a ratio that is synonymous with beauty.

    Dr. Perry Gdalevitch offers a unique approach that involves applying the principles of perfect proportions (phi) to help you achieve your aesthetic and reconstructive goals.

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