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Meet the Members of Phi Plastic Surgery

Imagine an aesthetic practice where you have access to a highly qualified plastic surgeon and to non-surgical specialists who collaborate and share their expertise to offer patients the best options to meet their aesthetic goals. That is where the Phi Plastic Surgery team comes in. We offer a unique and innovative approach by combining our medical spa and anti-aging treatments to our surgical procedures in order to best serve patients from Montreal and its surrounding areas.

Each Phi Plastic Surgery team member is the best in their field. Our collaboration ensures our patients’ treatment plans are tailored to their needs and align with their esthetic goals. Trained in the latest and most advanced techniques, each team member brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to our practice.

The collaboration between our surgical and non-surgical teams is a unique advantage of our practice that isn’t available at most other clinics. Working closely under the same roof means our patients have access to virtually every treatment option, enabling our specialists to customize treatment plans and maximize results.

Meet Members of the Phi Plastic Surgery Team

Every member of the Phi Plastic Surgery team brings something unique to the table, and it’s time you get to know them a little bit better!

Perry Gdalevitch

Board-certified plastic surgeon


Head OR Nurse




Nurse Injector


Nurse Clinician


Surgical Coordinator


Patient Coordinator

For a more beautiful and proportional you!

φ Phi is the Greek symbol that indicates the golden ratio, a ratio that is synonymous with beauty.

Dr. Perry Gdalevitch offers a unique approach that involves applying the principles of perfect proportions (phi) to help you achieve your aesthetic and reconstructive goals.

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