Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) – uses your own cells and your body’s natural growth factors to revitalize your skin, promote natural collagen formation, and rejuvenate your youthful appearance. When used on the face, many patients know this treatment by the name“Vampire facial.”PRP can also be used to regenerate hair follicles and promote the growth of thicker, healthier hair.

    How it works

    Your blood will be drawn at the beginning of your treatment. It is then spun in a centrifuge to separate it into the red blood cells and the plasma platelets. The rich platelets are then extracted and injected into your skin. The injection can be done manually or by using a treatment device. PRP can also be used in combination with some of our other treatments, such as Morpheus 8 and Microneedling. The growth factors found in the plasma help heal and rejuvenate the cellular structures in the skin.


    • Fine lines and wrinkles
    • Lax skin
    • Dull, dehydrated complexion
    • Volume loss
    • Acne
    • Hair loss

    At Phi Plastic Surgery Clinic, we offer effective non-invasive solutions for all your beauty needs.

    Start your journey toward a more beautiful and proportional you!

    Your results

    After treatment, only minor swelling and slight redness will occur. Most patients return to work the next day. Though some results will be seen within just a few days, your best results will be seen over the course of the next few weeks, as the platelets will stimulate more collagen growth and an improvement in skin texture and tone. We often recommend three treatments, 4-6 weeks apart, followed by booster treatments every 6-12 months.

    How much does the procedure cost?


    starting at $900

    For a more beautiful and proportional you!

    φ Phi is the Greek symbol that indicates the golden ratio, a ratio that is synonymous with beauty.

    Dr. Perry Gdalevitch offers a unique approach that involves applying the principles of perfect proportions (phi) to help you achieve your aesthetic and reconstructive goals.

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